designLAB Beta

Seminole Ridge High School

Hey gang... This is the test of the new Designlab site. This will be our place for me to share files and videos for you that will help with your projects... This is in testing. Please let me know when you find anything that's bonked.

The scenarios and all will still be on brainbuffet. This is a support site until things get really going.


Links to project help files:

1.02a Elements and Principles- Line

1.02b Elements and Principles- Shape

1.04 Text as an Element

1.05 Color, value, and Texture

1.06 Poster Project- The Principles of Design

1.08- Image Restore

1.14 Self Portrait


For those of you trying for Adobe Certified Associate Exams, Here you go!!!




Kim Cavanaugh- for setting up this space to host the videos
Mike Skocko- for inspiration and some coaching
Adobe- For the world's best software and the AEL program supporting teachers